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Faith Lutheran
Church Addition:
Adel, IA 

Completed in Winter 2021 - 2022


New front entry & large addition containing offices, small assembly spaces, a large multipurpose fellowship area, & a kitchen.


This design for the church has undergone the design process of tweaks and changes since 2009.  Resulting in a refined addition that seamlessly ties into the existing building


Total Area: 8,500 SF



St. Peter & Paul 
Catholic Church: 
Gilbert, IA 

Completed in Winter 2016 - 2017


Complete renovation and addition of narthex, commons, entry vestibule and elevator.


Our design is the first phase of a two phase scheme to expand a small masonry church originally built in 1917 and incorporates elements from the original church such as all stained-glass windows.


Total Area: 12,000 SF



St. Joseph
Catholic Church:
Winterset, IA 

Completed in Spring 2009


New built


Our design incorporates elements from the previous church such as all stained-glass windows in the Sanctuary.


Total Area: 16,000 SF



Presbyterian Church:
Clive, IA 

Completed in December of 2012


Complete renovation and addition of commons and sanctuary. 


Completed December of 2012, this project consists of the reconfiguration and addition of a new Sanctuary with a capacity for 400 people and a new Fellowship Hall.


Total Area: 12,000 SF


St. Paul
Lutheran Church:
Winterset, IA 

Completed in December 2013


New built


The stained-glass window and Sanctuary geometry converse with one another while the wood trim wraps around and unifies the space.


Total Area: 3,500 SF



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