Wright Elementary School
Des Moines, IA 

Complete January of  2018


2 new additions and renovations.


The additions included a new Office Addition and Main Entrance Canopy and a new Gymnasium Addition.


Total Area: 9,000 SF


Project Cost: $2.25 Million


South Hamilton School
Jewell, IA 

Complete in Fall of  2017


2 new additions were designed to improve the auditorium and athletic wings.


Renovations of this existing Middle/High School Educational Facility include the redesign of all science classrooms and equipment replacement, 100% new HVAC System, new electrical services and branch wiring, and new telecommunication/data services.


Total Area: 115,000 SF


Project Cost: $9 Million


Des Moines Public School Aviation Facility Des Moines, IA 

Complete in Summer 2015


The facility consists of a main hangar, mechanical shop, tool/equipment rooms, classrooms and office space. 


Total Area: 25,000 SF


Walnut Street Elementary School
Des Moines, IA 

Complete in Summer 2015


Renovation of an existing 6 story building and retrofit to a High-Rise Building Construction.


The building was transformed from an office type to an elementary education facility.


Total Area: 109,000 SF


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